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Faculty Club Experts
Our Faculty Club experts are the foremost authorities on teaching online, and have expertise and experience teaching in traditional classroom and hybrid classes as well. They have taught online, written about teaching, done consulting, and spoken at conferences.
Dr. Rita-Marie Conrad
Dr. Conrad is an online faculty member for the Master's degree program in Instructional Systems Design with a major in Open and Distance Learning at Florida State University in Tallahasse, FL.
She is author of Engaging the Online Learner and co-author of A Faculty Guide to Moving Teaching and Learning to the Web.
Dr. Rena Palloff
Dr. Palloff teaches online for the Fielding Institute. She has taught for the John F. Kennedy University, California State University- Hayward and others.
She is a partner in Crossroads Consulting Group and co-author of Building Online Learning Communities.
Dr. Keith Pratt
Dr. Pratt has taught online for Ottawa University, where he was Chair of the Management Information Systems Program.
He is a partner in Crossroads Consulting Group and co-author of Lessons from the Cyberspace Classroom.
Julie Coates
Julie Coates is one of the foremost authorities on generational learning styles. She teaches a course as part of the Master’s Degree in Adult and Higher Education at the University of South Dakota.
She teaches “Generational Learning Styles” for faculty as an online course, and does presentations at colleges and conferences on the topic.
William A. Draves
Draves is a consultant, teacher, author, and President of LERN. He has taught more than 6,000 faculty about teaching, both online teaching and face-to-face teaching.
His books include Learning OntheNet, Teaching Online, and How to Teach Adults. His newest book is “Nine Shift: Work, life and education in the 21st century,” co-authored with Julie Coates
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