The LERN Faculty Club
Professional development for your faculty Resources, chats, networking, free consulting with online experts, and more.
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Tel: (800) 678-5376
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How the Faculty Club Works
The LERN Faculty Club is an online web site accessible by password only.
Your faculty can Ask a question, their toughest questions, and a teaching expert will respond.
1. After you subscribe, you will be given a username and password.
If you have an Institutional Subscription for all your faculty, you will be given one username and password for all your faculty to use.
2. You go to any LERN web site page with a log-in box, such as:
Enter your username and password. You will be in the LERN Faculty Club.
3. What to do in the Faculty Club:
Ask a question.
Go to the Consulting Suite and ask any question related to teaching or learning. Check back in two days for an answer. If you provide your email, your answer will also be emailed to you.
Share a tip.
We have three areas where faculty can share their ideas, tips and techniques.
Listen to audio.
We’ll have audio presentations posted, mini-lectures of 10 – 15 minutes, with slides, from experienced faculty and teaching experts.
Monthly feature.
Every month we’ll post a new special feature. It could be a drag-and-drop exercise, an “Open House” for a great online course, and much more…..
Unique Features
such as drag and drop
Join Mary d.

Your Faculty Club Moderator.

Join Mary Dereshiwsky, Ph.D. from Northern Arizona University, your discussion moderator, every day in the Faculty Club.